The Step By Step Guide On Applying For A Canadian Student Visa

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Many international students dream of studying in one of the top-ranking educational institutes in Canada due to their superior quality of educational provisions and their well- established reputation in the world of education. Canadian educational institutes are known for their continued progress in the field of academic research and offer maximum exposure to international students. Graduates of Canadian universities have the greatest odd towards having the desirable career opportunities as soon as they complete their degree, which is why the value of Canadian university degrees is one of the highest all around the world. All of these reasons are why you should consider contacting a Canada study visa consultant and figure out your prospects as a student for a Canadian university.

Step 1

For those student visa candidates who belong to non-English speaking countries, there is a language requirement that has to be met before they begin the process of applying for Canadian universities. You will not be required to provide proof of your proficiency in the English language for attaining the student visa; however, the university you apply for will definitely need you to have a certain score in IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge English: Advanced. The standard scores required for different degree programs might differ. Once you achieve a score high enough for the degree program you wish to enroll in, you may proceed with the rest of the student visa application process.

Step 2

The second and one of the most important steps in the process is to search for the right college that fulfils your educational needs. Once you have decided on a number of colleges, you may start submitting your applications to these institutes one by one. Whichever college finds you eligible will send you an acceptance letter as a confirmation for your admission. After you have acquired this acceptance letter, the process of applying for a Canadian student visa can formally begin.

Step 3

There are two ways you can apply for a Canadian student visa:

Online Application
If you wish to apply online, you can visit the ‘Citizenship and Immigration Canada’ website and easily submit your student visa application directly.

On-Paper Application
If you prefer an on-paper application, then you also have an option to mail your student visa application to the CIC via courier.

Your study visa consultant will advise you to apply online as it brings about a ton of convenience for the applicant as well as the visa consultant. This method is much more cost-saving and time-saving than the paper application method. It will also be easy to keep track of your application if you opt for the online method. Fill out all the information requested in the application form and submit the application.

The Exemption

There are a few conditions under which a foreign student is not required to apply for a Canadian study visa.

Condition 1

If you work for a foreign representative in Canada or a member of your family is working for foreign representation, then you will be exempted from applying for a Canadian student visa.

Condition 2
The duration of your degree program in the respective university is either six months or less than six months.

Condition 3
You belong to a foreign country’s army