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Spousal Sponsorship

The idea behind Spousal Sponsorship is to reunite families. Spousal Sponsorship program is a subdivision of the ‘Family Class Immigration’. It allows the permanent residents of the country or individuals holding the citizenship of Canada to sponsor their conjugal partner or spouse to obtain a permanent residency in Canada.

To get the Spousal Sponsorship, the couple must provide legitimate proof of their relationship in one of these listings:

  •         Conjugal Partner
  •         Spouse
  •         Common-law Partner

The government of Canada accepts same-sex marriages allowing them to apply for the sponsorship by fulfilling the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria for Spousal Visa

To qualify for the sponsorship, the sponsor must be of 18 years age and above and must be a permanent resident of Canada. He / she must not have any charges against him for any criminal offense. The sponsor must approve of providing financial support to his / her spouse for the next three years and dependent kids for at least ten years. He / she should not have any existing sponsorship agreement nor should him / her being sponsored to Canada within a minimum period of 5 years.

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Obligations as a Sponsor

As a sponsor, the sponsor must provide full proof to the Minister of Citizenship, Multiculturalism, and the Immigration that he / she will be able to provide the basic necessities without support from social welfare resources to the spouse or the sponsored relative and sign a 3-10 year contract with the department.

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Expert Guidance

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We Deal with All Types of Spousal Sponsorship

There are two broad categories of spousal sponsorship application namely; Outside of Canada Spousal Sponsorship and In-Canada Spousal Sponsorship.

While Outside of Canada Spousal Sponsorship is a quick process since the applicant resides outside of Canada, applicants of In-Canada Spousal Sponsorship undergo a complex process.

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