USA Visiting Visa

USA Visiting Visa Consultant Canada

LCC Immigration specializes in navigating the potential complexity of the strict requirements for getting United States Visitor Visa. There are two types of Visitor Visa for the US, and they are the “B1 (Business) Visa” and the “B2 (Tourism) Visa“. For either type of US Visitor Visa we will assist in helping you out together the necessary documentation. As a potential visitor to the US, you will be required to show proof of being in possession of finances to cover your entire trip to the US. Kindly note that you may not pursue any kind of employment, regular courses of study, be a member or employee of the foreign press or other type of information media organization, or attempt to seek permanent residence while on a B1 or B2 visa.

A B1 Visa is for specific business, commercial or official purposes, examples of which include negotiating business contracts, consulting with business associates, attending conventions or conferences that are of a educational, scientific or professional nature, or to settle matters of estate.

A B2 Visa is essentially for non-business matters, such as taking a holiday, visiting relatives or friends, enrolling in a very short duration, not-for-credit course, availing of specialised medical treatment or being invited to participate in social events organized by social or service-oriented organizations.

At LCC Immigration, we provide you with more than simply handling your US Visitor Visa documents and application. We help prepare you for your visa interview.