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The procedure to acquire a spousal visa for Canada is quite flexible compared to the rest of the first world countries. It can be quite gruesome and tiring to be separated from your spouse until you get the visa requirements met, and it takes a toll on every couple’s emotional well-being that is trying to have a life together in Canada. Where most countries need you to have a spousal visa prior to entry into their country, Canada offers an alternate option as well. Canada allows certain applicants to submit the paperwork for their sponsorship while already living with their spouse, which allows the couple to stay united throughout the visa process.

The Admissibility of the Applicant

The immigration law of Canada mandates screening of the applicants for many important reasons. Once an applicant fits the standard of being “admissible” according to the immigration law, only then they can stay in the country. Below mentioned are the reasons you might be considered inadmissible as per Canadian law:

1. Security Reasons
a) Spying
b) committing a government fraud
c) Terrorist or violent activity
d) Being a member of an organization that is associated with one or all of the above- mentioned crimes

2. Violation of human right or international rights
a) Being a participant in war crimes
b) committing any crime against humanity
c) Acting as a senior government official to violate human or international right

3. Crimes related to driving
The more severe the crime is, the less likely you are to have your visa application accepted.

4. Participating in organized crime
This includes being a part of an organization that has been proven for its involvement in criminal activity like human trafficking, drug trafficking, or any financial crimes like money laundering.

5. Medical conditions
You are likely to be rejected due to medical condition in the case:
a) if your medical condition is a safety hazard for the rest of the population
b) if your medical condition is a health hazard for the rest of the population
c) if your condition would require more attention or resources than the government of Canada normally spends on healthcare needs.

6. Financial incapability
If you or your spouse are unable to fully afford the cost of living in Canada for you, your spouse, or your family members, then you will be considered inadmissible.

7. Wrongful representation of information
Providing incorrect information or withholding important information from the authorities.

8. Inadmissible members in your family
Even if you fit all the standards for admissibility, if one of your dependents don’t, neither of you will be able to acquire sponsorship.

Requirements For Sponsorships

Whichever spousal program you might be applying for, below- mentioned requirements must be met related to the sponsor.
1. He or she has to be at least 18 of age
2. Belong to the family class
3. Have either Canadian citizenship or PR
4. Provide proof of residence in Canada post PR issuance
5. The spouse has to submit in writing that will fulfil the responsibility of providing for their spouse.
6. A signed agreement between the sponsor and the dependent.


You will be unable to be a part of this program if any of the below conditions apply to you.
1. Being a sponsor for another permanent resident in the previous three years
2. Living as a sponsored permanent resident for the previous five years

An Inland Application

The process of applying for spousal sponsorship while living in Canada is often known as an “inland application. “The sponsored spouse enters the country through an eTA and applies for the spousal program after arrival. This process of this visa is favorable for the couple, but it might take longer than for a sponsored applicant applying before entering the country.

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