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    Get Your Work Permit In Canada Easily

    Canada has always been attracting foreign workers who fall under various work permit categories to establish themselves in Canada. It is a temporary permit that allows foreigners to work in Canada for a set duration. To be able to acquire that, the worker must receive an offer of employment that enables them to apply for work permit in Canada.

    Those allowed to get a work permit in Canada include:

    • Sponsored spouses
    • Students
    • Refugees
    • Qualified individuals

    LCC immigration helps you get and compile all the essential and relevant documents that comprise letters, contracts, educational history, and more. We assist and guide you to make the entire transition smooth and simple for you. Our experienced team of consultants will take care of all the permit extensions from within Canada.

    We Stay By Your Side Throughout The Application Process

    You have to diligently craft an application as even the smallest mistake in your application can make you inadmissible to Canada. Our years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of CIC’s processing framework enable us to ensure that your application is complete and correctly presented before CIC.

    The different types of Canada work permit applications include the following for which consultation with qualified people:

    • A skilled foreign worker applies for the permit through different avenues
    • Extension to a foreign employee by the employer
    • Employer initiated work permit application with LMIA- Labor Market Impact Assessment

    You must keep in mind that no tourist or temporary visa holder is eligible to work in Canada. It is a must for any foreign worker to enter the employment sector in Canada. The LMIA based work permit is initiated by an employer in Canada who must be able to establish that they cannot find a more suitable employee within Canada.


    In most cases, applicants will first need a job offer before they can apply for a work permit in Canada. Typically, the initial step towards acquiring a Canadian work permit is to apply for an LMIA (or Labor Market Impact Assessment) from ESDC (or Employment and Social Development Canada).

    Generally, you need to apply for a work permit from IRCC (or Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) or a Canadian visa office before coming to Canada. For these work permits, you need to get a job offer from an employer in Canada before you apply. So, in short, it’s easy to get a work permit in Canada if you’re eligible.

    The Canadian work permit processing time entirely depends on completing your application, and the office you applied at. We’ve found that it can take around 1 to 27 weeks to process a Canadian work permit.

    For a work permit, the maximum fee for performing artists and their staff is CAD 100. However, a work permit that includes extensions is priced at CAD 155.

    You can still apply for a Canadian work permit if you don’t have a job offer, but you’ll have to be a part of the Express Entry System. However, to qualify for this, you must be a skilled tradesman or professional with some work experience. You’ll have to get yourself registered with Employment and Social Development Canada’s bank so you can be linked to a Canadian employer.

    The Canadian work permit is perfect for foreign graduates from Canadian universities, temporary workers, entrepreneurs, and others to become legally entitled to work in Canada. However, to be eligible, they should adhere to the following requirements:

    • Give proof to an officer that you’ll leave Canada once your work permit expires.
    • Have documents showing that you have sufficient funds to support yourself and your family while you’re staying in Canada.
    • Have no record of any criminal activity and, as a proof, submit a police clearance certificate.
    • Are not a danger to Canada's security.
    • Must have good health and be ready to appear for a medical exam if needed.
    • Don’t intend to work for an employer that the government labels as ineligible because they failed to adhere to certain conditions.
    • Don’t intend to work for an employer who provides striptease, escort services, erotic dance, erotic massages.
    • Must be prepared to offer any documents demanded by officers to qualify your entry to Canada.

    The following documents are required to obtain a Canadian work permit:

    • A valid passport with a validity of over six months from the planned arrival date in Canada.
    • Two recent passport-sized photographs.
    • Educational qualification certificates.
    • Proof of professional qualifications, with work experience being inclusive.
    • Proof of having sufficient financial resources to cover their expenses during their stay in Canada.
    • Medical examination needed to be done from registered hospitals.
    • Application fee.


    It’s also important for applicants to convince the immigration officials that they will return to their home country after their employment comes to an end.

    The following table shows the minimum amount you’ll need to immigrate to Canada. If you possess more money, you shouldn’t hesitate to list the full amount in your application or profile.

    • Total Family Members
    • Funds Required (in CAD)
    • 1
    • $12,960
    • 2
    • $16,135
    • 3
    • $19,836
    • For every additional family member
    • $3,492

    Yes, international visitors who are currently residing in Canada with a job offer can now apply for a work permit without leaving the country.

    Get a valid job offer from an employer in Canada and are applying for a work permit. You may be eligible to have your dependent children and spouse accompany you to Canada.

    If you have school-going children, they can attend Canada's educational institutions without requiring separate study permits. Your partner or spouse may also be eligible to apply for an open work permit, enabling them to for any employer in Canada.

    “LCC Immigration Principal consultant Mr. Ajay Gupta is a regulated immigration consultant of ICCRC”