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Leaving your country for a better future for yourself and your family is a brave and inspirational act for the citizen of any country. Throughout this process, you should take up as much help and support from every possible source as you can, to make the process as smooth as possible. You must be wondering how I get access to the best immigration consultant near me and how I get started with the whole process. Worry not! The process is easy and can be further made easier with the help of a Canada immigration consultant. Below is the step-by-step procedure that you will have to follow to get started with your immigration process.

Step 1

The first step is an introduction; at this stage, the person applying for the Visa goes through the preliminary package that contains basic information regarding Canadian immigration. Read the information within this package carefully and make sure you follow the directions accordingly.

Step 2
You have to fill out the immigration forms issued by the Canadian government.

Step 3
Using the information you have provided in the immigration form, one of the two below mentioned methods will be used to create your online profile.

a) A computer-generated form is created for the client to sign via email. This method is for
1. Business Class Applicants
2. Family Class Applicants

b) An Express Entry Online Profile is created for the following applicants;
1. Federal Skilled Worker Class
2. Federal Skilled Trades Class
3. Canadian Experience Class

In case some information or documentation or signatures are missing in your application, your immigration consultant will return the application to you for resubmission.

Step 4
The next step is to sign and mail these documents along with immigration fees set by the Canadian government to the office of your immigration agents.

Step 5
For Business Class and Family Class applicants, detailed legal arguments have to be prepared by your Canada immigration consultant to add to your immigration application documents. First, these will be emailed to the client for approval.

Step 6

The complete forms and documents are then sent to the Canadian visa office via mail. Your application then processed by the visa office.

Step 7

You will receive an acknowledgement by the Canadian visa office once they have received their documents. In case some forms or information is missing or incomplete, the visa office will request you to resubmit.

Step 8

You will receive the waiver of the interview or the date for your interview at the Canadian visa office. You might have to provide additional documents at this stage of visa processing. The clients who have their interview requirement waived are supposed to go through a medical examination as soon as possible. The clients who have been provided with a date for an interview are to go through the required medical examination at least one month before the interview is due. All these requirements will be explained to you in further detail by an immigration consultant, Canada.

Step 9
All reputable immigration consultants from Brampton help their clients prepare for their immigration interview. You will be provided with sample questions for the interview and some additional preparation material for the preparation. The consultant will assess your performance and highlight the areas you need improvement in.

Step 10

The immigration interview is conducted at the Canadian visa office by Canadian immigration officers. A series of questions will be asked by these officers to assess the eligibility of the candidate during this interview.

Step 11
Upon assessment of the immigration interview, If the Canadian visa office finds the applicant eligible for Visa, your application will be forwarded for further processing. The applicant will have to pay Permanent Residence fees according to the government of Canada’s Right. At this stage, you will provide your Visa to the immigration authorities who will then stamp the Canadian Visa onto the passport.

Step 12
The passport is then returned by the Canadian visa office back to the successful client. Now starts the process of getting settlement advice by your Canada immigration consultant to help you prepare for your future life in Canada.