Bring Your Wife Home To You

Canada respects the value of family reunification and therefore offers Canada spousal sponsorship. Moving to another country and leaving behind loved ones is no easy feat, and so to ensure that families stay together, spousal sponsorship is given priority.

As a spousal sponsorship consultant in Canada, we at LCC immigration help you throughout the process. The common-law partner, spouse, or conjugal partner who wishes to immigrate to Canada under the category must be sponsored by a permanent Canadian resident.

The sponsor is required to sign an undertaking that confers the responsibility of financial support for the sponsored person on the sponsor. It is a contract between the sponsor and the CIC that mentions that the sponsor will repay the government for any social assistance payments to the sponsored person.

Spousal Sponsorship When Living Outside Canada

The permanent Canadian residents living outside Canada can sponsor their spouse, common-law partner, or children only after they confirm they will reside in Canada once the sponsored arrives. A spouse may only file an in-Canada application for spousal sponsorship if they are cohabitating in Canada.

Our experts offer you guidance and reliable advice according to your circumstances and facilitate the sponsorship application process.